Pinboard (Pinnwand)

Every day, thousands of travel-savvy readers visit our news platform. We will soon be giving hotel businesses an easy opportunity to get in touch with those readers. Reach out to more than 80’000 readers per month during the whole year, and for a very reasonably amount of money.

Book your pinboard ad today and take advantage of the following:

  • High visibility thanks to a regional filter function
  • Target group specific presentation, through easily comprehensible tagging
  • Publication within an attractive news environment
  • Backlink from Travelnews (SEO relevant)


Services Price

1 Pinboard ad, 300 characters*
1 year, incl. image**, 3 tags*** and link/CTA


* Title and brief description of your offer and/or company.
** Image size: 600x450px other 600x300px; max. 100KB.
*** Additional tags can be booked for CHF 50 p.a. (per tag).