The Wave - Power Bundle

Do you want to generate a lot of attention with a specific topic or offer? With our wave offer on, you generate the desired advertising pressure and mark a strong presence.

This format is available in two variants:

  • B2B wave: Strong presence in the Daily Newsletter for 3 consecutive days with up to 7000 subscribers daily.
  • B2C wave: Multiple presence in an issue of the Best-Of newsletter on Saturday with up to 11,500 subscribers

or a combination of both.


Services Preis
B2B wave

1 text ad with image (400 char.)

1 Topbanner 600x200px

1 Fullbanner 426x60px

(3 consecutive days each in the Daily Newsletter)


1 text ad with image (200 char.)

1 Banner Header position 600x200px

1 Banner instream 300x250px

(once in the Best Of Newsletter on Saturday)

B2B&C wave

1 text ad with image in the Daily Newsletter (3 consecutive days; 400 char.)

1 text ad with image in the Best Of Newsletter (200 char.)

1 Topbanner Daily Newsletter (600x200px)

1 Banner Header position Best Of Newsletter (600x200px)

1 Fullbanner Daily Newsletter (468x60px)

1 Banner instream Best Of Newsletter (300x250px)



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B2B wave or B2B&C wave

10'000 banner ad impressions

Book an additional 10'000 ad impressions on during the duration of your wave to further increase the impact of your campaign